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Project Info

As a full-time employee, I was given the task to create the branding and web site for a new brand that sold educational products.

I was the lead designer that helped create the overall style for the brand. I was given a single full-color logo and had to create several different variations for use across different mediums and devices. I simplified the logo and also created an icon. I also worked with the creative team to define all of the branding - fonts, colors, UI elements, etc.

I worked along side the site merchandising team to complete a card sorting user test and several tree navigation user test to define the initial site navigation. I wrote the unmoderated test scripts and worked with UserTesting.com to gather the results of the tests. In the end, the tests resulted in a simpler, more usable navigation tree.

Unfortunately, the plans to make the site profitable were not successful and it has recently been shut down.

Completed: July 2018


Oriental Trading


Illustrator, Photoshop, UserTesting.com

URL (dead)